Future and Past Activities

  • March 5 to 10, 2012: The Dimensions of Measurement – International BiCoDa summer-school for graduate students and advanced undergraduates at the Baruch Institute of the University of South Carolina. Lecturers: Michael Dickson, Leah McClimans, Andreas Kaminski, Alfred Nordmann, and Eron Tal.
  • April 1 to 3, 2011 – Science, Knowledge and Democracy Three Rivers Philosophy Conference (TRiP) at USC (a BiCoDa-related event organized by USC’s Philosophy Department)
  • September 30 to October 2 – First BiCoDa Workshop at USC Columbia (see Collaborators for contributors to the discussion)
  • May 2009 – Joint Seminar Simulations and Modeling in Manigod, France (faculty: Martin Carrier, Ann Johnson, Johannes Lenhard, Alfred Nordmann, and Michael Stöltzner)
  • 2009-2011 – Collaborative research project Towards a Culture of Prediction: Computational Modeling in the Era of Desktop Computing (Ann Johnson and Johannes Lenhard – BiCoDa-related project supported by the National Science Foundation and an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation TransCoop grant)
  • 2006/2007 – Research Group Science in the Context of Application at the Center for interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) convened by Martin Carrier and Alfred Nordmann, long-term fellows and other collaborators included Davis Baird, Ann Johnson, George Khushf and Johannes Lenhard from the BiCoDa context. See the 2011 volume of collected papers in Boston Studies in Philosophy of Science.