Institut für Philosophie

Institute of Philosophy

The Darmstadt Institute of Philosophy provides research and teaching in the full scope of the field. Our priorities are set in the field of modern philosophy, but we are also working on classical and historical topics. The institute itself is well connected with various national and international cooperations and a lively exchange in research and discourse.

With our three well-cooperating professorships the Institute provides intensive counseling and a non-anonymous atmosphere of working and learning together. Our doors are always open and we are encouraging a well-developed conversation culture which offers opportunities for students to quickly get into contact with each other and the professors

Our subject areas are research-focused and we are involved in current public discussions. Main research fields are: Philosophical theories of the 18th to 20th centuries, history and forms of representation of knowledge, practical philosophy, social philosophy, institutions and power, philosophy of technology, technoscience and new technologies.

Executive Director of the Institute is Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring.

Philosophy merges diverse traditions, numerous strands and disciplines. Its topics often oscillate between science and art of living. Getting involved with such a wide variety may seem a bit cumbersome at first glance. Quick answers are difficult to obtain, thus it is more important to ask questions. If you are curious to learn what Philosophy encompasses and which methods are used for philosophizing, we gladly invite you to visit us. Out institute is located in the residence castle in the city center. (Due to renovation work, we have temporarily moved to Landwehrstraße 54. The only exception is the Wallhaus, which is still located in its original location.)

Darmstadt as a university location offers a distinguishing feature: You can to study philosophy at a technical university, which is not at all a contradiction. Read more on the advantages of this unique combination in the following article written by Prof. Gerhard Gamm (Darmstädter Echo, Nov. 20st, 2008). Our courses, lecture series and conferences offer insights into different topics, interdisciplinary discussions, research areas and current publications. Here, you will find our course catalogue. And in addition to the ‘classics’ of philosophy you will find topics and courses you may not expect.

If you are interested in joining us and becoming more than a visitor, you are invited to read this interview with three prospective philosophers of our Institute. Guest students are welcome as well and we are looking forward to your participation.

The OpenLearnWare Portal of our university offers an additional way to take part in our teaching activities and experience our everyday university life. It provides audio materials of selected lectures, for example 'philosophische Krisendiagnosen im 20. Jahrhundert' by Prof. Petra Gehring.

You will find more links and inspiration in our links section. If you prefer a more classical approach, you could visit the university library in the city center or the library of our institute, which is also located in Landwehrstraße 54.