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InDebate: Darmstädter Tage für junge Phänomenologische Forschung

InDebate: Darmstädter Tage für junge Phänomenologische Forschung

Vortrag und Workshop: Demokratischer Streit. Eine Phänomenologie des Politischen

Workshop & Lecture: Beseelte Tiere • Kristian Köchy

Talk: Affective Capacity • Potential Image of Atmosphere in Space

Tuesday, October 17 // 06:15 pm // S313/25

Serkan Can Hatıpoğlu works at the Eskişehir University of Technology in Turkey. His disciplinary affiliation is currently in architecture. His research interests focus on inspiration, creativity, different phases of the design process and advanced design methodologies. His ongoing studies are related to the character of atmospheres and atmospheric perception in architecture.

You can find out more about his work on the following pages Researchgate Google Scholar Website

He will present his work in the colloquium of Prof. Loidolt and Prof. Gehring. If you would like to attend, please contact (

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Ways of Worldmaking: Nelson Goodman and the Languages of Technology and Art

January 16 to 19, 2024 in Oßmannstedt near Weimar

The fairly slim, yet enormously influential books Ways of Worldmaking (1984) and Languages of Art (1968/76) by Nelson Goodman offer a rich account of processes involved in constructing and creating reality. Pictures, descriptions, and notations; denotation and exemplification; truth and rightness; works and worlds; working and fitting — these notions are discussed with a concrete sensibility for abstract questions: how we do things (not only with words!) and what this implies for ontology and epistemology. Throughout, Goodman chips away at the philosophical prejudice that questions of truth and questions of worldmaking boil down to the problem of picturing, highlighting instead the procedural and creative aspects of worldmaking.

While Goodman discusses works of fine art, he does not — or only incidentally — consider works of technical art. Worldmaking and Goodman’s constructivism are confined to the ways in which one presents (darstellen) and represents (vorstellen) worlds, broadly conceived. Our workshop seeks to explore how we might extend this to artefactual worldmaking, to making and building and design. How does this implicate codes and notations and principles of composition, how does technology denote or exemplify, anticipate, project, or transform a world?

We are not looking for a series of fully worked-out lectures. Instead, we want to engage together in a creative re-reading of Goodman through the lens of the philosophy of technology. Therefore, we want to bring together experts in the philosophy of Goodman who are interested in the philosophy of technology, as well as philosophers of technology and philosophers of art who are curious to expand and refine our ideas of technological practice and the languages of people and things.

Organized by Ryan Wittingslow (Humboldt Fellow, TU Darmstadt and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), Sabine Ammon (TU Berlin), Alfred Nordmann (TU Darmstadt) with Sadegh Mirzaei (Sharif University of Technology and TU Darmstadt)

Critical and Political Phenomenology in Debate (online)

In cooperation with the FernUniversität Hagen and the University of Cologne.

The online lecture series is intended to open a debate on critical and political phenomenology in which, on the one hand, methodological and content-related differences are to be worked out and, on the other hand, common goals are to be brought into view. In particular, the advantages and benefits of a critical-political phenomenology over constructivist and normative theories of the social and political will be discussed.

The invited speakers will each develop their concept of a critical and/or political phenomenology in a lecture. Each lecture will be accompanied by a response and then opened to public discussion: In this way, critical and political phenomenology will be “in debate.”

Hosted by Thomas Bedorf (Hagen), Thiemo Breyer (Cologne), Steffen Herrmann (Hagen) and Sophie Loidolt (Darmstadt).

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Vortrag und Workshop “Social normativity: continuity and uniqueness” NOT APPLICABLE!

Vortrag und Workshop “Logiken der Solidarität”

Summer School “Animal Technologies”

October 9th to 13th, 2023

One of the first chapters in the history of technology concerns the domestication and breeding of animals, their technological deployment in agriculture, transport, mining, sacrificial rituals. At the same time, for hunters and gatherers, miners and urban dwellers alike, animals structured their technical practices and daily routines. Still today animal nature is harnessed, controlled, and transformed through technology, still today many human practices are shaped by our interactions with animals, and especially today we become aware of our co-dependency.

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Workshop (online) “Law in War: Phenomenological Perspectives”

Feb 10th, 2023

The workshop is open to all.
Please register at: to obtain the Zoom-link and the texts.

What is the experience of law in war? Is it the absence, suspension, or silence of law in face of unknown violence and a constant state of exception? Or does law remain an experience of everydayness in human interaction and a promise against war?

The workshop is structured around two initial texts written by Ukrainian philosophers and phenomenologists of law, Nataliia Satokhina and Oleksiy Stovba. Both contributions and discussions aim to focus on how phenomenological tools, concepts and methods can help us up approach and better understand the phenomenon of law in war. 

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