Lecture Series, Workshops, Projects

Ongoing and Upcoming

Lecture- and Workshop-Series: Practical Philosophy and Phenomenology (TU Darmstadt)

  • 11./12. July 2019: Lecture and workshop with Prof. Dr. Oliver Marchart (Vienna)
  • 1./2. November 2018: Lecture and workshop with Prof. Dr. Inga Römer (Grénoble) on her recent book: Das Begehren der reinen praktischen Vernunft. Kants Ethik in phänomenologischer Sicht. Hamburg, Meiner 2018.
    Workshop with comments by Eva Buddeberg (Frankfurt), Philipp Richter (Darmstadt/Münster), Philipp Schmidt (Darmstadt/Vienna)

Collaboration in the Project “Personal Identity at the Crossroads: Phenomenological, Genealogical, and Hegelian Perspectives”. Funded by the Czech Science Foundation (GAČR), 3 years, start of project 2018, PI: Assoc.-Prof. Dr. Jakub Čapek (Charles University Prague)

  • 24 May 2019: „The I that is We and the We that is I“, International Workshop, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • 7/8 June 2018: „The Idem-Ipse-Distinction Revisited“, International Philosophical Colloquium, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
  • 29/30 November 2018: „Personal Identity“, International Philosophical Conference, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Past Events

Lecture Series in the Seminar „Black Mirror:

Thought Experiments on New Technologies: Ethical and Political Questions and the Mind-Body-Problem,” Winter Semester 2018/19, TU Darmstadt