Lunch Options in Darmstadt

Lunch Options close to TU Darmstadt City Campus/Darmstadtium


Lilien Tisch

Open Mo – Sun

A casual burger, pizza and sandwich restaurant. Vegetarian options available.

Lauteschlägerstraße 3, Darmstadt, Hessen

Taksim Döner

Open Mo – Sun

Low-key take out kebab sandwiches. Vegatarian options available.

Dieburger Str. 2, 64283 Darmstadt

La Lucha

Open Mo – Sun

A trendy restaurant and café that serves hot lunches and sandwiches made with regional ingredients. Includes vegetarian options.

Schleiermacherstraße 10-12, 64283 Darmstadt

Dilaras Palast Darmstadt

Open Mo -Sun

Reasonably priced Turkish cuisine. Includes vegetarian options.

Mathildenpl. 1, 64283 Darmstadt

Palmen Grill

Open Mo -Sun

Casual diner that serves burgers, roasted poultry and fries.

Luisenpl. 6, 64283 Darmstadt


Open Mo – Sun

A cuban-themed restaurant that serves Cuban dishes, pizza and salads.

Lauteschlägerstraße 42, 64289 Darmstadt

Ertans Gemüse Kebab

Open Mo – Sun

Turkish cuisine to go. Includes some vegetarian and vegan options.

Luisenstraße 4, 64283 Darmstadt


Open Mo – Sun

A low-key, student-ish bar that serves pizza for reasonable prices around the clock.

Lauteschlägerstraße 3, 64289 Darmstadt