Acatech Workshop


Acatech Workshop: Shaping Techno-Organizational Processes: Energy – Information – Autonomy


Workshop (Special Track):

Shaping Techno-Organizational Processes:Energy – Information – Autonomy

Friday, June 16th, 2017, 9 h. – 12.30h.

Within the realm of technological sciences and engineering, the main topic of the SPT-Conference seems to be a little bit confusing: How is it possible to connect a linguistic category like grammar with technology?

Nevertheless, there is a close connection between a programming language, which is able to control technological processes on the one side, and its formal grammar (like Chomsky Grammars) which expresses the inner, mathematical structure on the other side. The same holds for the inner structure of natural languages, music pieces, drama and tales, rooms in architecture etc., and also for the control of processes. If this kind of modeling is adequate, it could be possible to describe technological and organizational processes in technology by the formal means of grammars, i.e. analytically. The formal structure of such grammars determines the formal structure of programs, and by this, the programming of algorithms, which are structuring and controlling the techno-organizational processes. The topic of the conference has suggested a reflection whether this approach could be fruitfully applied to some basic areas of acatech: energy systems of the future, Industry 4.0, Smart Services and autonomous systems. All these fields share the fact, that the mentioned processes are highly complex and vulnerable.

Here, the interaction between man and technical system plays an important role. Moreover, these interfaces can be frequently found at nodes of critical paths. In other words: The comprehension, the modeling, the shaping and control of such processes could be usefully supported by the structuring effect of a theoretical description “in terms of grammars”.

The half-day workshop will cover its topic in three steps: First of all, a raw sketch of a possible common structure of generalized structures with techno-organizational processes should be developed. In three contributions, the idea of such kind of structures shall be applied to different field that are of particular interest to acatech, namely:

(1) the German energy transition and its implementation

(2) the complexity of systems like smart grids and industry 4.0

(3) the question about the future possibilities of autonomous technologies.

At the end, a round table discussion will try to focus the results and to formulate open

questions that should be tackled by researchers in technological sciences as well as in the humanities.

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