Guest auditors

Guest auditors are very welcome at our department.

You can either pursue your studies just out of interest in philosophical questions and a thirst for knowledge or use it as a trial phase before entering a degree oriented study.

Guest studies at the TU Darmstadt are unrestricted. In general, all courses in our semester programme are open to you. However, if there are limited places in a course (this is not often the case) we ask you to give priority to fully enrolled students .

Traditionally, the Department of Philosophy organises a public lecture series on Wednesday evenings (usually in the winter semester) or a public colloquium (usually in summer semester). These events are particularly well suited to get to know the discussion culture in philosophy and to meet staff members and other students and guests.

Guest auditors are not entitled to feedback or correction of any voluntarily submitted study tasks, essays or exams. But we will do our best to help you with your studies and will try to provide feedback if our schedule allow.

Further information for guest auditors can be found on the homepage of the TU.

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