Life as a student

Jour Fixe, Fachschaft, AStA

Students‘ representation: look out for the keywords "Fachschaft" and "AStA".

What is a “Fachschaft”? Faculty 2 comprises five and a half institutes (in addition to Philosophy, these are: History, Political Science, Sociology, Linguistics and Literature as well as Theology and Social Ethics). The Fachschaft is comprised of student representatives from all departments in the faculty – meaning that there is no “Fachschaft for Philosophy”.

Nevertheless, the Fachschaft 2 send students of philosophy philosophical to the Directorate of the department.

Above all: All interested students in our department are welcome at the “Jour fixe” (every three weeks in the semester). These are open meetings in which we discuss everything that is important together.

If you would like to attend, please contact us so that we can add you to the mailing list.

The AStA – the General Student Representation – of the TU Darmstadt is the political representation of the student body at university level: in the University Assembly and in the Senate. Find out more here.