Prospective PhD Students

Post graduate research at the Institute of Philosophy

Getting your PhD in Darmstadt: Candidates find a environment full of vibrant discussions and strong research.

A word of advice from the start: Please refrain from unspecific PhD enquiries. External PhD supervision is possible on a case-to-case basis, if it is possible to guarantee good contact with your supervisor. If you are considering a PhD in Darmstadt, we kindly ask you to contact us with a project outline.

Prerequisites for an excellent dissertation are:

  • A well-chosen, highly research-relevant question
  • good working environment
  • outstanding support

Physical proximity is required for this as well as choosing appropriate content and methods.

Take a look at the research profiles of our professors and lecturers from this angle and contact us on an individual basis. The three research areas of our department set their own accents in doctoral supervision, but we work closely together and, depending on the chosen topic, involve colleagues from other universities as co- supervisors. There is also close contact between the departments's staff and PhD students. Colloquia offer the opportunity for exchange. Team spirit, collaboration and independence are encouraged and promoted.

Dissertations can be submitted and reviewed in German and English. The Regulations for PhD studies (opens in new tab) of the TU Darmstadt as well as the Regulations concerning the doctorate at the Department of History and Social Sciences as well as Additional Regulations of the Department (opens in new tab) can be found here.

At the TU Darmstadt, the Ingenium platform provides more comprehensive support and encouragement for young researchers.