Welcome to the Department of Philosophy

Darmstadt’s philosophy department offers research and teaching across the entire range of the discipline. We focus on Modern and Contemporary Philosophy, while we also let ourselves be inspired by the history of philosophy. Our research thrives on an open-door culture enabling exchange and discussion across our fields of interest. We like to get involved in current debates.

Our research areas are: Philosophical theory formation from 18th to 21st century with systematic recourse to Latin and Greek sources. We are interested in the history and representations of knowledge, in phenomenology as well as social and legal philosophy, in questions related to institutions and power, in the philosophy of technology, technoscience and new technologies as well as in the philosophy of music and aesthetics. Our teaching links philosophical classics with current issues in philosophy.

The institute is located in the city centre of Darmstadt: You will find us in the “Glockenbau” S3|15 in Darmstadts Castle.

The managing director of the institute is Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring.