Why study philosophy?

Philosophers are not just specialists in theory. They are trained in activities that are generally in high demand: critical thinking, reasoning and clear expression in speech and in writing. They learn to work independently in complex situations and to analyse them systematically.

The subject is offered on an undergraduate level in combination with a variety of other subjects (Joint bachelor) or to prepare for a career in teaching (Teaching degree, Staatsexamen). For postgraduate study we offer the Master “Philosophy” and PhD study. The master programme “Technology and Philosophy” is aimed at students with (minimum) an undergraduate degree in science or engineering.

Even without choosing a degree programme preparing for a career in teaching, there are several interesting and academically challenging career paths available to philosophers.

However, as in most disciplines in the humanities, a high degree of personal initiative is required to find a suitable career path. Start discovering your interests early during your studies by applying for internships or other work experience.

There are jobs for philosophers in a wide variety of sectors: In academia and education, in the private sector, in consulting, archives and museums, in publishing houses, political education, charitable organisation or the media (press, radio, television, online), in departments for public relations, ethics commissions, offices of members of parliament, political consultancies as well as in cultural management.

Graduates of the Darmstädter Joint Bachelor of Arts and the MA Technology and Philosophy have high employability prospects, because they combine philosophical competences with those of another field.